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Fortnite Has Announced 400% XP Weekend After The Reveal Of Season 6

It’s quite common news the season 6 from the famous gaming Fortnite is starting on September 27th. So it’s time the old players from the game take proper care of any incomplete business. It’s in order for players to accomplish any challenges or XP grinds which are difficult or left within the Season 5 of the game. They ought to complete everything to enable them to be fully ready for the approaching Season 6. To make this method simpler for that gamers, Epic Games has announced a 400% boasted XP weekend.

Benefits Of 400% XP Weekend In Fortnite

As announced through the official account on Twitter that 400% XP is needed to celebrate the appearance of Season 6 of Fortnite. The power is because players could unlock the ultimate Fight Pass. The reward could be available all of this weekend until September 24th at 8 AM ET (1200 GMT).Fortnite Has Announced 400% XP Weekend After The Reveal Of Season 6

The 400%XP can help players in unlocking the special cosmetic products locked behind the tiers. The Fortnite players should be quick because the offers are readily available for merely a limited period of time.

Kevin The Mysterious Cube In Season 6 Of Fortnite

The launch of Season 6 of a game is coming much towards the excitement of the gaming fans. However, the factor which has truly hyped the fans is Kevin the mysterious cube. This oddity materializes following a vicious lightning strike. It roams the map departing burned runes wherever it is going.Fortnite Has Announced 400% XP Weekend After The Reveal Of Season 6

Through the recent report, the cube itself has apparently melted into Loot Lake, many fans have submitted various theories to unveil the mystery-shrouded Kevin the cube.

What’s Going To Season 6 Of Fortnite Provide The Fans?

As explained the Fortnite?s subreddit community, the growing season 6 of Fortnite is about a mysterious mirror world. Large tracts of maps observed disappearing in the rifts. The disappeared chunks of maps shortly reappear however in slight variations. All this has brought towards the fan speculation that apparently there’s a parallel world that is going to create a dramatic appearance within the map.

When the mirror theory turns out to be true then it’s rather apparent the whole Fortnite map will switch to a more dark form of our happy world.

News Source: Google News

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