Tips to Get Free Instagram Followers In A Week

Instagram can be a modern tool for visual marketing. It is an opportunity to make your brand more known to a loyal audience that grows with your business. Getting free Instagram followers is tricky, but it’s highly possible to do.


With around 500 million daily users, surely you can get a tiny portion of it. To be known to others, you need to understand the algorithm so you may follow the correct path to your success, not the other way around.


In this article, we want to share a few tips to build and grow your profile, increase engagement to reach massive loyal fans, and free Instagram likes.


Always Use The Right Hashtags


There’s always one main goal on Instagram, to reach and engage your audience on a constant basis, plus growing your follower number. And the only way to do this is to create an attractive, unique post every time to satisfy your current community. Optimizing your posts can be done in several ways, including hashtag optimization.


Getting free Instagram followers is also possible with the correct hashtag placement. Hashtagging can make people easier to find your post, which is relevant to the topic. But what hashtags should be used?


As a start, you can use the popular ones that people always watched every day. By doing this, you can possibly gain more followers, and free Instagram likes at the same time.


Pick The Best Filters


You must’ve been familiar with this feature. Filters have been known to be a simple picture enhancer. What most people don’t know is filters can actually have a significant impact on your post. It can affect the engagement rate as well.


This fact has been studied by TrackMaven that found Hefe, Mayfair, and Ludwig to be the best filters that can gain the most interaction. Most importantly, the filter should fit your particular audience.


Consider The Best Time to Post


Timing is vital to gain potential Instagram followers free. Besides the hashtag and filter optimization, you should need to understand the timing of your post.


It needs a little bit of analysis of what’s working and not working for you. You can use the help from multiple sites or tools to provide accurate data of your account’s performance.


They will give you a detailed report about the best times of the day or the best day in a week to post. For Instagram business accounts, there’s Instagram analytics which provides similar information.


When you’ve found the best time, you can whether do manual posting or use a social media scheduling tool to do it automatically.


Turn Stories Into Highlights


You have only a short period to convince someone when they’re landed on your profile. One way to interact with them is via highlights.


Highlights can give stories a new meaning and second life. It’s better if you make them specific as well, so the audience can have broader information about your brand.


Highlights are also an excellent way to know you better, without 24 hours limitations. So, you won’t miss getting free Instagram followers in the future.


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